Elements Landscape Design is a firm wholly dedicated to awakening the dream that is your project, whether residential, estate, commercial, or public space. We specialize in the design and implementation of all manner of soft and hardscape. 


Each project is a journey of discovery and possibility for both client and designer.

We begin with an initial consultation, listening carefully to the client and growing in the process together at all stages of development. Our design grows from each site's particular character, ambience, and vernacular including architectural style, environment, and personality. The result is an integration of aesthetics, enduring value, functionality, and pleasure. In this process of discovery we may present the client with site plans, elevations, design and reference boards, perspective drawings, all with the intention of allowing the client and landscape architect to travel together in the process. Our mission is to create an experience of transcendence, of not only your space, but your expectations.


Elements co-founder Theodoros 'Theo' Papadopoulos is a native of Greece. It was there, in the cradle of Mediterranean design, that Theo had his first brush with destiny. It was on his grandparents working farm in the northeast region where Theo first got dirt under his fingernails and a lifelong passion for landscape under his skin. Here, young Theo tended the olives, figs, and grapevines and was enjoined in a family legacy going back generations. When the time came to study at University in Athens, he undertook studies in design, illustration, and fashion. Theo voraciously pursued the possibilities of color, shape, texture, and the way all interact together. After college he embarked on travels throughout Europe and Asia Minor. Newly enlightened in the classic and modern landscape traditions of the old world, Theo was anxious to act on his worldly inspiration.

And so, fortune's path leads to America. It was in Los Angeles that Theo finally surrendered to destiny (and legacy) and accepted his calling as a landscape designer in earnest. Continuing his studies in landscape design while working for one of the largest firms in Los Angeles, Theo assimilated the language of landscape as quickly as he did the Spanish language of those who worked the land. And thus the seed that would become Elements Landscape Design was planted.

Open for business in 2000 Elements has steadily built a portfolio of clients all over the Los Angeles area.


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